Stand construction regulations

Each exhibitor with a tailor made construction is compelled to place separation walls at the back of the stand and on the sides of another stand. You may not, in any circumstance, use the walls of your neighbours. Separation walls need to be 2,50 metre high. You also need to make sure that the floor is completely covered. Note that when you use a levitated floor and you place separation walls on that floor, the maximum stays 2.50 metre high. When placing a higher floor you have to deduct that difference from the height of the walls. If you do want to build higher than 2.50 metres, make sure to ask permission from your neighbours and the organisation! If you get permission, do not place company logos or other expressions on the back of your walls!


Depending on the height in the halls it is possible to build a construction higher than 2.50 metre, provided that you have a written approval by the and Storage Expo Exhibition Team. This is essential because the halls vary in height.
At the interest of your neighbouring stands, you may only build higher than 2.50 metre at one metre distance in your own stand. The separation walls have to be 2.50 metre. This is to prevent unhappy surprises both to you as well as your neighbour.

Only if you have a written approval from your neighbouring stand you may deviate from this regulation. Again, you also have to have a written approval from the exhibition organization.
The back side of the higher walls needs to be neatly finished and may not contain any commercial expressions

You can also find the height of the hall on the online floor plan. Should you have any doubts, please contact A-booth by phone to check the height +31 (0)75 – 622 5581.


Especially exhibitors with an island location or a head location sometimes lack wall space. Extra wall space can be created by placing a wall next to the aisles. A logical solution, but it also makes your stand less noticeable to visitors and your neighbours are confronted with an empty side. This is not very convenient. Should you need extra wall space, you can also think of creating smaller walls in your booth. Do not place these directly next to the aisle but at 1 metre from the side. This way, you keep an open character.

Note: each aisle side of a stand location can only be build for 50% with a wall of 5 metre high, unless you have a written approval from Jaarbeurs. The organization may, even without notice, change the regulations at any time. Make sure you have read our General Terms & Conditions carefully (this document can also be downloaded from, and


We advise you to check the floor plans for markings that indicate possible obstacles or obstructions in or around your location, i.e. columns or electricity boxes. You might want to take these into account in your stand design.
Together with your participation confirmation you have received a floor plan. You can always check the most recent version of the floor plan online on our website, and under the tab "Participate". Possible obstructions are indicated on these floor plans as well.

You are allowed to build around hall obstacles, provided that you leave reels of fire-hoses visible and accessible. You may not attach any items or objects to hall obstacles. Please contact A-booth by phone at +31 (0)75 – 622 5581 for more information.

Building extra levels

If you would like to build an extra level or storey on top of your stand, you have to build higher than 2.50 metre. This is allowed, provided that your stand is separated for at least one metre from your neighbour’s location. The use of an extra stand level is not free of charge; 50% of the net metres of the extra level will be charged.

Please note that you have to receive a written approval from the and Storage Expo Exhibition Team for building extra levels. The contact data can be found on page 3 of this document. Besides this, you also need to ask for permission by A-booth/Brussels Expo.


Stand construction outside of your location metres and in the aisles is not permitted without mutual agreement. You also have to limit your activities to and place displays and products within your own stand space. You must not impede the flow of visitors and you are obliged to aid the security of both visitors and exhibitors.

Approval stand design

Has your stand design been approved? If the stand deviates from the standard measurements, your stand drawings need to be submitted for approval to the exhibition organizers. They will judge your design on stand location, technical aspects and possible environmental factors. With approval, you are ensured of a trouble-free set-up. You can send your drawings to: