Visitor marketing

The Client Portal helps you manage your marketing strategy.

It is the place where marketing information, special offers, statistics and follow-ups all come together. With just one user name and password you have access to a complete service package.

> Go to the Client Portal* 

> Download the brochure about the Client Portal (pdf, 3 Mb)

Via the Client Portal you can:

  • Find reports about your participation and e-mail campaigns
  • Send out digital invitation
  • View the percentage of recipients who have viewed their invitation
  • View who of these recipients has pre-registered with your invitation
  • Select and download visitor profiles
  • View how many paper invitations you ordered
  • Compare the results of your activities with those of your colleagues
  • Measure the response to your marketing campaigns
  • Download your pre-registration link
  • Enter your catalogue details
  • Enter your press details
  • Send out after-sales mailings
  • Compile a complete report – including charts – about your participation.

* Lost your login codes? Call Customer Service on +31 (0)30-295 2999.