MyExpo: Get into contact with potential customers

MyExpo* is the online catalogue for, Storage Expo and the Tooling Event.

Personal trade show page

MyExpo helps you reach out and get into contact with the right target audience, to generate leads before, during and after the trade show. Everyone who registers as a visitor, gets access to a personal trade show page, MyExpo, where they can prepare their visit. Based on their needs and the visitors' personal profile, they are matched with exhibitors and given the opportunity to download your content.

Insight into contact details

As an exhibitor, you have access to the contact details of people who downloaded your content, to turn these potential customers into valuable prospects: the perfect form of online lead generation.

How can I set up my online campaign?

1. Login to Client Portal
If you log in to the Client Portal, you can click directly to the MyExpo and fill in and maintain your own data and information through the four steps.

2. MyExpo Service Desk
The Service Desk offers you the service of setting up and optimizing the campaign for you instead of doing the work yourself. To be able to do this for you all we need is the information and content you want us to use for the campaign!


To reach the MyExpo Service Desk, you can contact Marqit by phone: +31 70 3130070 or e-mail:

* Previously called 'ExpoRoute'