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14 & 15 March 2018 | Brussels Expo

5500 colleagues

130 Exhibitors
110 Seminars 2018 | 14 and 15 March | Brussels Expo, Data & Cloud Expo is a 2-day combined exhibition and conference. Apart from over 130 exhibitors, you’ll find theaters on the exhibition floor where both independent and commercial presentations are presented by IT experts. It has proven to be the offline and online meeting place for IT managers and IT professionals for over 15 years to share ideas, techniques, services and trends on current IT topics.
Theme 2018: Digital Driven Transformation

Theme 2018: Digital Driven Transformation

During, Data & Cloud Expo 2018, besides the 7 themes, the following hot topics will be discussed:

The Power of Cloud | GDPR | Threat Defense | Technology Trends | Impact of Data

Program and seminars
Program 2018
Exhibitors 2018
More than 100 exhibitors!

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