Data & Cloud Expo
Jaarbeurs is transforming ICT trade fairs
Storage Expo and The Tooling Event are being replaced by Data & Cloud Expo 
According to Google Trends, digital transformation is the most used ‘tech buzzword’ of 2016. This phenomenon affects everyone. In order to be able to provide optimum support for visitors and exhibitors in this changing IT landscape, Jaarbeurs is stopping Storage Expo and The Tooling Event and replacing them with a new event: Data & Cloud Expo. On Wednesday March 14th and Thursday March 15th 2018, the first Brussels Expo edition of the new combination will be held: and Data & Cloud Expo. The top annual event regarding current issues and relevant solutions regarding business IT at Brussels Expo, Brussels.
Why this new concept?
Is IT management no longer relevant, or is storage outdated? Certainly not, but the role that IT management and storage play within organisations is changing. Cloud solutions make it so that physical data centres aren’t always in-house with companies, but hosted by external providers. According to Gartner, no cloud policies will be just as rare in 2020 as no Internet policies are today. On top of that, the current visitors of Storage Expo and The Tooling Event are increasingly showing interest in data management and cloud computing. 
In short, the changing IT landscape is making it so that the titles ‘Storage Expo’ and ‘The Tooling Event’ no longer cover the whole subject matter. Therefore, Jaarbeurs is starting this new event in Belgium, Data & Cloud Expo, in 2018, which will form a new event combination with
Data & Cloud Expo: keeping a handle on data and cloud solutions
Data & Cloud Expo is an annual event with a strong substantive programme and a trade show floor focussed on data management and cloud computing. A visit to Data & Cloud Expo provides IT professionals and decision-makers with practical handholds to keep a handle on an IT organization where a growing amount of data and increased use of cloud solutions are very much the order of the day. 
How may the newest technologies be used to create a more scalable, flexible and efficient IT environment? How can meet the ever-changing demands regarding quickly increasing storage and data processing, working from a distance, and other IT-intensive demands? And last but certainly not least, how does one maintain one’s current level of service when the IT side of things is no longer under your control? Data & Cloud Expo provides answers to all of these questions. Data and cloud are broad concepts, but Data & Cloud Expo – in combination with – will provide in-depth information by focusing on the common themes: Cyber Security, Digital Workplace, Privacy, Governance & Risk Management, Data Center & Infrastructure Optimisation, Cloud Computing, Data Growth & Storage Capacity en IT Service Management & Control. 
More focus on high level content and interaction 
During your visit you will meet opinion leaders, suppliers, service and colleagues who together are of a big influence on the future of IT-development. and Data & Cloud Expo offer you a complete exhibition floor and more exclusive content. Besides the usual and well visited theaters with in-depth information, the new formula adds two big arenas in which audience interaction is leading. On top of that, the collaboration with Computable will be increased. With high level program content as a result. 
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