The concept, Data & Cloud Expo is a 2-day combined exhibition and conference. It has proven to be Belgians' nr.1 online meeting place and exhibition for IT managers and IT professionals for over 10 years., Data & Cloud Expo links todays' products, services and innovation with practical solutions and vision for the future. More than 130 exhibitors will cover a diverse set of IT solutions and products, ranging from software, hardware, new business to new services.

Alongside the exhibition floor, there are theatres for independent and commercial presentations to perform and to engage in discussions with IT experts. Altogether this exhibition offers market leaders, associations, speakers and other IT professionals the ability to share ideas, techniques, services and visions on current IT topics.

The exhibition is driven by a strong online community. The, Data & Cloud Expo websites offer the opportunity to read articles and download relevant whitepapers and presentations for storytelling performances, 365 days a year.

The exhibition is organised around 6 thematic subjects crossing the different IT activities. Within each theme the visitor will be guided through the different stages and types of ICT innovation, technology and innovative application developments up to innovative products just entering the market. Live demonstration of results, products, services and applications are promoted., Data & Cloud Expo

The exhibition links 6 themes to our digital future. Using yearly research within the Belgian market, we recognise their trending themes. These are used in exhibition clusters as an inspirational source to keep informed about today's 'impacts and innovations'.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has slowly matured. More and more large organizations dare to move to public cloud services and experts expect companies to more often apply a ‘cloud first’ principle in their IT strategy. To keep up with these developments, you will also have to start using cloud. You can find what benefits this entails and what the challenges are and this will also be discussed extensively during the exhibition.


The past year has shown that developers of the latest Internet of Things-devices have taken too little account of the protection of these connected devices. Moreover, cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, what makes Cybersecurity still one of the main focal points of organizations. What possibilities there are to engage in the fight against cybercrime, will be the center of focus during the exhibition.

Data Center & Infrastructure Optimisation

Within the data center, storage, management and dissemination of data and information is organized. Giving meaning to this data is becoming increasingly important and therefore the infrastructure shall be arranged in a way that supports it. For this reason, the IT infrastructure must be optimized.

Artificial & data intelligence


Smarter is the new faster. With artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence, machines learn to copy actions and decisions made by people. Also called machine learning. Logic reasoning, language understanding and error learning are done by machines themselves based on countless data. Over the years, data has become more of a guide than just information. It is the oil of a successful organization. Those who want to survive or even more importantly take the lead in the digital economy must be able to use data in a smart way.

Digital Transformation

Any organisation that simply uses IT to keep its systems running has little right to exist these days. Where automation is primarily supportive, digital will take an increasingly leading roll. More and more companies choose a digital-first strategy, with services, business processes and business models that are driven digitally. How can you steer your organisation towards a digital-driven transformation? And which digital services are applicable in your business?

Privacy, Governance & Risk Management

When there is little or no governance, problems may arise when customer’s data is lost or stolen. This will affect your customer’s privacy and he will therefore not only lose confidence in your company, but you will also lose a lot of money on various damages. You can read here what you can do to avoid such risks, and this will also be discussed in more detail during the exhibition.

Missed the Kick-off?

Ivo Meertens: Download the presentation 'Welcome & What's New?' here

Chiara Betza: Download the presentation 'Client Portal: 10 Tips For Better Preparation' here

Annemiek Sprado: Download the presentation 'GDPR @, Data & Cloud Expo' here


Exhibitors: Providers of Information Technology products and / or services.

We distinguish:
- Suppliers (manufacturers)
- Distributors (intermediate / wholesale trade)
- Resellers (retailers)
- Integrators
- Consultants
- Training & education

Visitors: IT professionals: working on a variety of tasks such as installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases.

We distinguish:
- Decision makers (IT management, manager, owner, consultant)
- Techies (administrator, programmer, IT specialist)
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