Theme 2021

Resilience: A rocking organization in changing times

The theme of, Data & Cloud Expo 2021! Within this theme, we make a distinction between the sub-themes that are further explained on this page.

Cloud & infrastructure
“As a Service” is on the rise. The situation surrounding corona is forcing organizations to take unknown steps. When making IT decisions, the organization is no longer central. It is the employee who more and more determines which solutions are necessary for an organization. “How can I make my employee work more efficiently and what do they need for this?”. Through “As a Service” solutions, the computing power is centralized in data centers and no longer comes from the customer. Organizations are becoming more effective, more efficient, cheaper and more transparent. They are forced to be flexible.

Security & privacy
Under pressure of the current situation, we are rapidly moving to a transition to the cloud. As a result, new technical solutions are following up each other fast. However, this speed also creates new challenges in the field of security. Organizations act too fast, lurking cyber criminals. Employees work in a decentralized manner, which can cause that sensitive information is stored incorrectly or unsecured. Data leaks are a daily occurrence and hackers are making their move. Renewing the security stack and maintaining and managing privacy is more important than ever.

Data & AI
When an organization have their foundation and safety in order, there is room for acceleration and innovation. New technologies and solutions are quickly embraced. Innovation and digitization will be leading in everything the organization does. Organizations must continue to innovate and transform. Business processes are shifting to a digital playing field. Something like artificial intelligence plays a role at every level in the organization. It supports employees, helps with decision-making and can even take over roles in the process. Transparency plays a major role in this. How far does a company want to go?

Digital transformation & innovation
When an organization is set up efficiently, flexibly, innovatively and safely, there is resilience.

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