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SCOS Software is a Solution Provider for Secure Managed File Transfer, Network Monitor, Wireshark Training, SCOS is the Benelux Distributor for the Ipswitch products. SCOS is distributor of Wireshark tools and Wireless/Network tools.:

  • Ipswitch MOVEit: Secure Managed File Transfer;
  • Wireshark Training: Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks (Wireshark University);
  • WhatsUp Gold: Comprehensive, Intuitive and Proven Network Management Software;
  • WaveXpert: WiFi Packet Capture Solution (4 channels);
  • WS_FTP Server: FTP Server with SSH;
  • ProfiShark: Aggregated Tap in a pocket-sized box;
  • ProfiSight:Networks Analysis Software;
  • CatchWire Network Visibility with Wireshark


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Producten en diensten

WaveXpert: WiFi Packet Capture Solution

The WaveXpert can be used to record and analyze WLAN transmissions (with Wireshark) that are exchanged between two or more participants in his environment. WLAN transmissions according to the international standard IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. can be recorded. WLAN devices whose transmissions are recorded are, for example for mobile devices such as notebooks, smartphones or PDAs, but also permanently installed equipment such as WLAN access points, WLAN printers or PCs with WLANcards. The WaveXpert is available in two versions, as WaveXpert 1 — 2.4 and 5 GHz (4 channels with 20/40/80 MHz and up to 3×3 MIMO) and asWaveXpert 2 – 5 GHz (4 channels with 20/40/80/160 MHz and up to to 4×4 MIMO).

MOVEit: Secure Managed File Transfer Solution

MOVEit Managed File Transfer (MFT) software is used by thousands of organizations around the world to provide complete visibility and control over file transfer activities. Assure the reliability of core business processes and the secure and compliant transfer of sensitive data between partners, customers, users and systems with MOVEit.

MOVEit Transfer

MOVEit Transfer enables the consolidation of all file transfer activities to one system to ensure better management control over core business processes. It provides the security, centralized access controls, file encryption and activity tracking needed to ensure operational reliability and compliance with SLA, internal governance and regulatory requirements.

MOVEit Automation

MOVEit Automation works with MOVEit Transfer or FTP systems to provide advanced workflow automation capabilities without the need for scripting. MOVEit Automation accelerates the rollout of new services and the onboarding of new external data sharing partners by reducing development time while significantly reducing the likelihood of errors.

MOVEit Cloud

Our MFT-as-a-Service offering provides full security, reliability and compliance of MOVEit Transfer with the convenience of a cloud-based service. MOVEit Cloud is auditor certified PCI, and HIPAA compliant. Providing the same advanced security controls as MOVEit Transfer, it ensures GDPR compliance in external file transfer activities involving personal data.

WhatsUp Gold 2019

Up/Down Availability and Performance.
At-a-Glance.See what's up and what's down instantly whether in the cloud or on-premises. Get complete visibility to the status of network devices, systems and applications. Leverage topology-aware monitoring that understands network dependencies so you receive fewer, more intelligent alerts. Receive notifications through SMS, email, web or Slack so you know about developing issues before users report them.

Automatically Discover and Map Your Entire Network
See connectivity and dependencies. See network devices, servers, virtual machines, cloud and wireless environments in context. Click on any device to get immediate access to a wealth of related network monitoring settings and reports. See how everything is connected and get answers faster. WhatsUp® Gold creates a detailed interactive map of your entire networked infrastructure.

Monitor Network Performance with Customizable Alerts
Know about problems before users call. Leverage a dependency-aware network monitor to generate fewer more actionable alerts. Empower your network monitor with automated actions that trigger when a state change occurs including email alerts, SMS alerts, Slack alerts, IFTTT posts, service restarts, and web alarms. WhatsUp Gold's alert center and dashboards put you in control.

Drill-Down from Customized Dashboards
Get answers quickly and take action. Create dashboards for individual users or technology domains to provide the information you need to streamline troubleshooting or administration. Customize dashboards with reports for servers, applications, virtual, wireless, cloud and network traffic. Export or schedule report runs to share with your team or management.

Wireshark Training

SCOS Software Amsterdam/Hoofddorp offers official Wireshark courses as the European Wireshark University Authorized Training Partner. Until now, IT professionals using the Wireshark open source analyzer had to teach themselves to decipher packets and detect vulnerabilities on the network. This education shorten the learning curve–making networks safer and more stable in a shorter period of time.

SCOS has developed special Law Enforcement Courses. Our trainers have trained numerous Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies including the FBI, NCIS, Singapore, British, Dutch, Belgium Police, Australian High Tech Crime Centre and New York Police,


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