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Engineering. Simplicity.

We exist to solve the world’s most difficult problems in networking technology. We bring simplicity to networking with products, solutions, and services that connect the world.

A company of innovators, we believe that creating simplicity through engineering is the highest form of innovation. From our first release, the ground-breaking M40 router, to today’s end-to-end advancements in network security, automation, performance, and scale, our drive to move beyond the constraints of complexity has expanded the reach of networks everywhere. We’ve enabled our customers to connect to everything and empower everyone in ways that have literally changed the world.

In the profusion of new technologies such as IoT, big data, and multicloud, complexity is the new hard problem. And complexity is on the wrong side of progress.

With the strength of our resolve, we’ll champion the evolution of the cloud and once again change the world.

Simple is our obsession.

Simple is powerful.

And simple always starts with engineering.


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Producten en diensten

It’s clear we need continued security innovations to keep our organizations better protected from cybercrime. Bad actors with limitless resources are hyper-innovative in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, our vulnerabilities are expanding with cloud environments and distributed, digital business models. We need new ideas to keep our security postures strong. Attacks like cryptojacking and new variants of ransomware are using revolutionary obfuscation tactics and automation to bypass traditional security solutions. The ongoing shortage of qualified security experts, combined with a flood of data from multiple security vendors and connections to multiple clouds, are driving the need for faster, more flexible and automated cybersecurity solutions.

Juniper Networks is introducing key enhancements to our security portfolio with our custom data collector capability, which is available for all of our Juniper Networks® Advanced Threat Prevention Appliances, as well as our new Juniper Networks® JATP400 Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance.

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In 2019, service providers will see a series of innovations from Juniper that take meaningful, holistic steps toward helping transform infrastructure, operations and services in this 5G era. And we are starting with infrastructure transformation with a series of product and solution innovations for the Metro, Edge and Core.

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To fully realize the advantages of multicloud, you need the agility to run any workload on any cloud and on any deployment so that you can manage your multivendor resources as a single, cohesive infrastructure.Contrail Enterprise Multicloud answers that need.

It’s a multicloud-enabled platform for policy orchestration and advanced analytics, built with intent-based methodology for high-performance connectivity, application security, and unified operations.

In a single platform, Contrail Enterprise Multicloud handles all overlay and underlay management; heterogeneous compute environments, including bare metal servers, virtual machines, containers, and networking devices; private and public clouds; networking and security orchestration policies, including microsegmentation; and advanced analytics.

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Mist built the first AI-driven platform to give modern businesses an intelligent solution for the digital era.Traditional WLAN solutions, which are more than a decade old and based on antiquated, monolithic architectures, lack the scale, reliability, performance, and agility they need to address today’s challenging and diverse enterprise needs.Meanwhile, IT departments today are looking for a single, cohesive approach for managing wired and wireless networks.

What’s needed is a solution that can simplify and automate operations and end-to-end troubleshooting, ultimately evolving into the Self-Driving Network™.The Mist platform addresses both of these challenges. Designed from the ground up to meet the stringent networking needs of the modern cloud and smart-device era, Mist delivers unique capabilities for the wired and wireless LAN.Wired and wireless assurance. Set, monitor, and enforce Service Level Expectations (SLE) for key wired and wireless performance metrics such as throughput, capacity, roaming, and uptime. Provide predictive recommendations to avoid or fix problems in a rapid manner.Marvis, an integrated AI engine.

We built an AI engine right into the Mist platform for unique client-level insight, rapid wired and wireless troubleshooting, trending analysis, anomaly detection and proactive problem remediation. These capabilities simplify IT operations without requiring expensive overlay sensors, data collector hardware, or extra software.Modern microservices cloud.

Mist Cloud is built on a modern microservices architecture that brings the agility of SaaS to networks. On-demand network upgrades and patches take minutes instead of months, with new features rolled out almost weekly with low risk.Virtual BLE for indoor location. Patented dynamic vBLE 16 antenna array and unsupervised machine learning in Mist APs eliminate the need for battery powered BLE beacons and manual calibration. This means no more headaches as you deploy and maintain high-value location services such as wayfinding, asset tracking, and proximity notifications.

Multicloud has fundamentally altered the traffic patterns and security postures of enterprise networks. As a result, WANs are growing more difficult to manage and secure.SD-WAN. Solution OverviewWhether your company manages its own WAN, uses managed WAN services, or delivers network connectivity to enterprise customers, you need an easier way to manage the multitude of connections from enterprise sites to multiple data centers and clouds.

The job requires a flexible SD-WAN that paves a path to a secure and automated multicloud. Multicloud OrchestrationYour multicloud environment must work consistently, regardless of where applications and workloads reside. Our Contrail SD-WAN solution brings simplicity to that environment by centralizing management and security. It delivers this cohesiveness in several ways.nifies control of WAN connections across multiple hybrid connection types.

It manages and secures MPLS, broadband, and 4G LTE wireless links across a number of supported legacy interfaces. No matter how many distributed sites you have or the variety of connections running at each, you can manage them all through one centrally enforced security and application flow policy.

Optimizes application experiences and network performance with quality-of-experience sensors and management. Fine-grained dynamic path selection improves network resiliency, user connectivity experiences, and economics.Requires no local IT expertise. With zero-touch provisioning (ZTP), you can simply ship our universal CPE to your site for automatic SD-WAN access. All branch devices and cloud endpoints can be managed and supported centrally, including Juniper’s cloud-hosted subscription-based option. The task of setting up policies per site, per tenant, or per department is quick and simple. Intuitive controls help you administer business rules and service levels, optionally with self-service capabilities.

Runs on flexible, open platforms. Contrail Service Orchestration bridges enterprise and multitenant service provider solutions. The software platform also integrates VPNs and third-party virtual network functions (VNFs), including WAN optimization, next-generation firewall, and edge computing frameworks.

Our NFX Series Network Services Platform can host many virtual services in a single device, greatly reducing management overhead and site complexity and allowing you to deploy branch functions with speed and agility.

Juniper Connected Security
We integrate our network and security products with those of our alliance partners and other vendors for defense in depth that’s stronger than individual point solutions.

Security management and threat visibility in our Contrail SD-WAN management interface let you see, automate, and protect your environment.Contrail SD-WAN enables you to add advanced threat prevention services to expand on our native next-generation firewall and universal threat management capabilities. It also covers management and security of branch LAN switches. Policy Enforcer blocks threats at the switch port to contain them closer to the source, and it dynamically follows and contains any threats that may roam among ports.


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