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Netleaf is your Network & Security sidekick.

We are experts in the field of NextGeneration Firewalls & Networks (wired/wireless), VPN & Secure Mobility, WebSecurity, Mail Security, Data Protection & Disaster Recovery.

Our certified engineers are here for you. They work hard on a daily -and sometimes nightly- basis to deliver high-quality support. It's our goal to build & maintain the valuable infrastructure of your company. We want you to do what you do best, without concern.

What we do:
• Scalability
• Reduce Operational Complexity
• Private Cloud, Public Cloud & Hybrid Cloud (Where is the data? (and where’s the firewall?))
• SDN & SD-WAN (Connectivity in general)
• Company acquisitions and expansion
• Phishing, Ransomware & Endpoint Security
• Data Loss Prevention & Security
• Application Security
• Visibility of users and applications in the network
• Zero-day-attacks (monitor application behavior & Security Incident prediction)
• Mobile Workspaces (Mobile First) & BYOD
• An increasing number of applications and bandwidth growth
• IoT
• 100% Availability
• IT centralization/optimisation/cost reductions
• Identity & Access Management
• Complex IT architectures (historically grown)

Our partners:
• Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
• Aruba
• Aryaka
• Barracuda
• Cisco
• Fortinet
• Imperva
• Mimecast
• Okta
• Palo Alto
• Pulse Secure
• SonicWall

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Producten en diensten

Wired & Wireless Networking (Campus & Datacenter)

A company network is not a collection of hastily purchased switches, but a well thought out architecture. Netleaf starts with a network design in order to become a network architecture that is future cloud proof. Campus or datacenter networking, Wired or wireless, office or industrial environments, Netleaf does it all. We breathe IP in order to bring our customer’s networks to a higher level.

Network Access Control (NAC) is the beating heart of every self-respecting network and Netleaf gives NAC the importance it deserves. NAC enforces Agentless Policy control and automated response. It will deliver secure access for Guests, Bring your Device (BYOD) and corporate devices.

Network Security

Network Security has always been about prevention, detection, investigation & response. The difficulty lies in the fact that nowadays data is distributed in different modes:

• On-premises behind a network firewall
• In a private datacenter behind a datacenter firewall
• On the end-user device, covered by Zero Day Attack Prevention


Connectivity makes the world go round. No connectivity means no access to cloud applications and no access from the outside to critical applications hosted on the inside.

Dedicated and expensive MPLS WAN-connections belong to the past. SD-WAN is a justified hype in 2020, where companies are taking back control of their WAN, installing centrally managed firewalls terminating, multiple more cost-effective internet connections with granular quality of service (QoS).

Cloud Security

The core business of public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Servies (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform is delivering cloud applications in the cloud. Offering security in a pubic cloud is as much as important or even more important than on-prem security.
On the other hand, offering available applications at a high speed can conflict with security giving the application provider’s site. Take control of your own public cloud firewall, assisted by your Network & Security Partner instead of your application provider.

Netleaf can ensure connectivity with Azure Virtual WAN. Our proposed Cloud Firewalls offer tight integration into an automated management concept and zero-touch deployment for unlimited remote locations. This enables connectivity with any number of branches to the cloud and to each other with throughput and scalability provided by the Microsoft Global Network.

Email is still our most important data exchanging instrument, while email threats are becoming more and more challenging. Whether companies have already migrated to a Cloud Platform like O365 and Google Mail or they still have an on-prem mailserver (or a hybrid email environment), Netleaf can advise them on Email Security, Email Archiving or Cloud to Cloud backup to avoid advanced email attacks like email phishing.


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