wo 20 maart | 14:45 - 15:15
Theater/Salle 01 Cloud Computing

Hacking Exposed (Powered by Sopra Steria)

The stakes have never been higher for organisations as they struggle to protect their networks from the fight against highly sophisticated attacks.
In this session, we will use real-world examples to illustrate the extraordinary tradecraft routinely employed by today's adversaries.
We will share some of the critical lessons learnt by Crowdstrike's threat hunting and Incident response teams, providing insight into the rapid evolution, complexity and sophistication of advanced techniques.
As we reveal how today's attacks are succeeding in evading 'modern defences', we will also explain how you can setup your organisation to withstand these increasingly sophisticated and persistent attacks, often with tools you already have at hand.
Cyber Security
Digital Transformation
Privacy, Governance & Risk Management
Mr. Ronald Pool
Mr. Ronald Pool
Cyber Security Specialist, CrowdStrike
Ronald Pool, Cyber Security Specialist, CrowdStrike
Ronald is a frequent speaker at events, giving insights into the movements of attackers or a broader threat landscape.With over a decade of experience in Cyber Security, Ronald has advised customers on their Cyber Security challenges for several vendors as a trusted security advisor.He advises enterprises on a daily basis on their protection and detection strategies, forensics & security operations.In his role, he encounters the acts of organised hackers at a regular basis, adding to his ever growing cyber security context, which he shares with his audiences.
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