wo 20 maart | 15:30 - 16:00
Theater/Salle 01 Cloud Computing

A long-term growth strategy of effective cloud security

During this presentation, we will focus on cloud security maturity: cloud technology aims to increase the speed and flexibility of the business. By any means, security should enable the promise of cloud, and not interfere with it. How do you logically balance out investments over people, processes and technology? Let us share our view on a long-term growth strategy of effective cloud security.
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Mr. Tom Fonteyn
Mr. Tom Fonteyn
Solution Specialist Cloud Security, SecureLink
Tom Fonteyn is Solution Specialist Cloud Security at SecureLink. He joined the SecureLink Group 6 years ago and has worked in both the design and the pre-sales phase of a broad range of network security solutions. Given a strong technical background, Tom feels naturally at home translating functional requirements on the crossroads between business, people and technology. His current objective is on business development towards public/private cloud environments.
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