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Changing criminal tactics need changing security measures

When people talk about cyber attacks, they're often talking about widespread, common threats, like phishing attacks deployed by low-skilled criminals. We've grown used to the idea of throngs of opportunistic cybercriminals sending out high-volume attacks, like email flooding, hoping that some might take root and score them a quick buck. But as tools have been put in place to block those attacks, cybercriminals have evolved in turn. Targeted ransomware attacks are on the rise, with higher skilled cybercriminals carefully selecting targets to hack manually. And, other malware attacks have grown more and more sophisticated, to keep evading security tools. Recent threats like Matrix and Emotet demonstrate the various ways that cybercriminals have changed their tactics to stay effective and profitable in today's marketplace. We dig into what makes Matrix and Emotet unique and so dangerous, and what enterprises should be doing to protect against these and other similar threats.
Cyber Security
Mr. John Shier
Mr. John Shier
Senior Security Advisor, Sophos
Shier constantly studies emerging cyberattacks and the technology that combats these threats, including encryption and synchronized security. Previously, Shier was channel sales engineer and senior field sales engineer in North America at Sophos.  He is based in Toronto, Canada.
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