20 maart | 15:30 - 16:00
Theater/Salle 02 Cybersecurity


ESET's Senior Research Fellow Righard Zwienenberg will discuss the current cyber security threats. The challenges for cybersecurity professionals are immense, with continual changes in operating systems, popular applications or even policy changes by platform vendors adding to the already complex environment. What threats are predicted to be prevalent in the coming months and how will they effect the security of your enterprise?
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Privacy, Governance & Risk Management
Mr. Righard Zwienenberg
Zwienenberg started dealing with computer security in 1988 after encountering the first virus problems. His interest thus kindled and studied cyber behavior and presented solutions and detection schemes ever since. Starting as an independent consultant, later as R&D Manager at CSE Ltd., as a Researcher for ThunderBYTE, as Chief Research Officer at Norman and currently as Senior Research Fellow at ESET. Over the years he has served in many extra roles in different industry organizations. Currently he is still serving on the board of AVAR, on the Technical Overview Board of the WildList and as the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of IEEE ICSG. In 2018, Zwienenberg joined the Europol European Cyber Crime Center (EC3) Advisory Group as an ESET representative. Zwienenberg has been a member of CARO since late 1991. He is a frequent speaker at conferences - among these Virus Bulletin, EICAR, AVAR, RSA, InfoSec, SANS, CFET, ISOI, SANS Security Summits, IP Expo, Government Symposia, SCADA seminars, etc. - and general security seminars.
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