wo 9 september | 15:30 - 16:00
Theater/Salle 02 Cyber Security

Approach and tools to implement effective measures in GDPR compliance and data protection

During this presentation, a service model to address GDPR compliance and data protection will be discussed. What is the typical roadmap that needs to be followed in order to address a safe and compliant processing of personal data ? How can risk be taken into account ? Which guidance exists for the implementation of appropriate measures. Which tools can be used and how to setup an effective framework that guides you through the process. The presentation will go hands-on practice with a showcase of a risk management tool (Egerie Risk Manager or Monarc).
Mr. Daniel Baeten
Cyber Risk Services Senior Consultant, NRB
Daniel Baeten is a Certified Data Protection Officer with 3 years of experience in the implementation of GDPR, mainly in the public sector. His background is IT (functional/business analyst) with profound understanding of many business domains. Daniel Baeten leads the GDPR As A Service programme at NRB and thereby interacts with all members of the Cyber Risk Services team.
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