wo 20 maart | 10:15 - 10:45
Theater/Salle 03 Datacenter & Infrastructure

How Network Access Control will help you face security challenges

Discover, manage, and centrally control everything connected to your network
Nowadays, companies need to accommodate many types of managed and unmanaged devices on their network, and to implement more and more complex security rules as a result. Managing and controlling the access to your network is getting always more important and more difficult.
Come and join us to discover how to obtain full visibility of connecting and connected devices, the first step to prevent security breaches. We will then show you how to reduce the vulnerability of the entire IT systems by implementing automated controls and ensuring that only authorized and/or authenticated devices connect to your wired or wireless network.
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IT Service Management & Control
Mr. Karol Leroy
Mr. Karol Leroy
Regional Sales Manager BENELUX, Beta Systems Software
Karol Leroy started his career as a system programmer and quickly became an IT Production manager with management responsibilities. He then joined a major software company in which he discovered the customer relationship and developed his interest in business. As an ITOM and IAM solutions expert, he started business activities for several software vendors across southern European markets. In 2005, Karol created Net Access, an IT Security Value Added Reseller. Back to Software industry since 2012, he has joined Beta System as Regional sales Manager for Benelux in 2018 and has brought his large IT Cybersecurity technical expertise to help extend Auconet BICS solution recognition.
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