wo 20 maart | 12:30 - 13:00
Theater/Salle 03 Datacenter & Infrastructure

Data Lives Forever: data analytics use cases

The expanding role of data can be thought of in two driving forces: Big Data and Fast Data. Big data brings us insights based on the discovery of new connections within massive data lakes, while Fast Data applications are where the data needs to be kept close to computing for real time analysis or visualization. In datacentre infrastructure, Big Data is all about scale, Fast Data is all about performance. During this session we'll provide you with a roadmap for your data driven digital transformation plan, and we'll demonstrate that with practical data analytics use cases.
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Mr. Wouter van Eetvelde
Mr. Wouter van Eetvelde
VP Engineering, Western Digital
Wouter Van Eetvelde is the leader of the worldwide engineering team, developing the Activescale System, Western Digital's highly scalable cloud object storage system facilitating a data-forever architecture. I came to Western Digital through the acquisition of Amplidata, a company that I founded with a few university fellows. Prior to that, I was Director of Engineering at Veritas-Symantec for their disk based backup and deduplication product. I have a passion for building high performance software teams, scaling up companies and introducing software development agility.
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