wo 20 maart | 11:45 - 12:15
Theater/Salle 04 Digital Transformation

Simplified Security for a Complex World

The world is becoming more and more complex, more connected, more automated. How do we succeed in securing this exponential growth we're experiencing?

Because the threat landscape is also growing exponentially. With criminal organizations and even governments elaborately executing ever more complex and extensive attacks, making use of ever more and multiple threat vectors, with ever changing goals and nearly unlimited preparation and execution time.

Opposed to that, there's the good guys. With limited resources and budgets. With limited time and the constant pressure where success means to be 100% protected, 100% of the time, while the bad guys only need 1 good hit to be successful.

How we minimize these complexities while preserving maximum security and visibility, that's what we'll be talking about.
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Privacy, Governance & Risk Management
Mr. Wesley Venstermans
Mr. Wesley Venstermans
Business Development Manager, Interligo
A no-nonsense, BS-free, straight-to-the-point kind of guy. Hardened by life, softened by skills, balanced by experience. He used to be a soldier, a police officer, and a chief detective. Because he believes in chasing your dreams and leading by example, he himself took the leap in 2015 and grabbed the chance to become Interligo's Business Development Manager. Ever since, he has been supporting customers to reach their business goals by focusing on the outcomes. And he always had and still has a soft spot for Security.
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