20 maart | 13:15 - 13:45
Theater/Salle 04 Digital Transformation

A business aligned security strategy

In many companies, digital transformation fundamentally changes the way they do business and allows capturing and generating significant and critical data. This technological evolution allows companies to gain valuable insights in their markets, products and clients, generating a competitive advantage, but it also introduces an important security threat that companies need to stay ahead of. The fear of in-compliancy, cyber threats and information breaches is on the agenda of each board member, but often they lack the insight and information to correctly understand and mitigate these risks. A well-balanced cyber-strategy, aligned with the business processes and crown-jewels of the company, is key for create a cost effective, business-aligned protection. We will elaborate on how to develop your own defense strategy aligned with your business goals, making sure your management understands and supports your cyber defense strategy.
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Mr. Dirk Nijs
Dirk Nijs is a senior information security professional at Sopra Steria, assisting companies to develop and implement their security strategy. Before his consultancy role, he was for more than eight years responsible for the information security strategy of an international niche bank in Belgium.
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