do 15 maart | 12:00 - 12:45
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GDPR & Data - From theory to practice

Although GDPR compliance poses challenges, it's also an opportunity for you to take a holistic, intelligent and automated approach to governance and compliance to deliver data that is trusted, secured and governed. This approach to data helps you address important GDPR requirements but also stay competitive and agile as new other governance and compliance needs arise. This practical session will give you insight in a number GDPR Data elements such:

Identify & assess data - What data needs protection?
Define & govern data - Take a holistic approach.
Control & purge data - Prevent unauthorized access in the complete data lifecycle.
Manage and master data - Get a 360-degree view of your personal data.

Language: English
Data Science & Management
Privacy, Governance & Risk Management
Dimitri Maesfranckx, Managing Partner and founder of Datalumen
Dimitri Maesfranckx is Managing Partner and founder of Datalumen. Datalumen enables organizations to turn data into actionable information. With their solution portfolio, which consists of premier data governance and management services and products, they help customers manage their data lifecycle and be successful with their data monetization efforts. Prior to Datalumen Dimitri also held a number of management roles with vendors in the information management space such as Informatica, Sybase/SAP and DataDirect/Progress Software.
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