do 21 maart | 12:30 - 13:00
Theater/Salle 04 Digital Transformation

The best way of end-to-end application delivery (Powered by Arrow ECS)

Ensuring the best application delivery to users and customers is vital to any business. This session will cover the usage of real user measurements across the internet to deliver applications the best possible way. It doesn't matter if the applications are traditional 3-tier or microservices or if they are hosted in a datacenter, hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud environment.  The combination of the Citrix Networking solutions with its ADC (formerly known as Netscaler), SD-WAN, Intelligent Traffic Management and Application Delivery Management can seamlessly orchestrate the best delivery. We'll cover several of use case scenario in further detail so you'll have a better understanding and can apply them to your business.
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Mr. Tijl van den Broeck
Mr. Tijl van den Broeck
Lead Sales Engineer Networking, Citrix
Tijl Van den Broeck is Lead Sales Engineer Networking at Citrix and has been constantly living at the boundary where applications meet networks, security is much needed and where virtualization, cloud and open source components are involved. He uses this skillset to help customers find the right solution for their business needs.  He's a die-hard supporter and evangelist of Citrix ADC (formerly known as Netscaler) in the BeLux market for 8 years
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