do 21 maart | 11:45 - 12:15
Theater/Salle 05 IT Service Management & Control/Cybersecurity

10 Tips to be a successful Managed Service Provider.

Even though the change from Break-fix to Managed Services might seem daunting, now is the right time to make these changes. Let us show you how our most successful Managed Service Providers have grown using our 10 Disciplines.
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
IT Service Management & Control
Mr. Björn Leenen
Mr. Björn Leenen
Sales Engineer, Datto EMEA
Björn Leenen has more than 15 years experience in Channel and Distribution in the Benelux region. He likes to bring my knowledge about channel and the demand for products and services to Datto. Now that the market is switching to Managed Services on a large scale, you can find a perfect match with Datto. The current and future portfolio of products and services is disruptive and game-changing.
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