do 21 maart | 13:15 - 13:45
Theater/Salle 05 IT Service Management & Control/Cybersecurity

"To SIEM, SOC or APT? Finding the fuzz in the cybersecurity buzzwords."

Just like we did for King and Kong for mobile subscriptions, Telenet is making cybersecurity unconventionally simple & frictionless.
We'll share our pragmatic vision on cybersecurity, which trends we see, what needs large enterprises have and how these map with the current outsourcing models. A guide in the mysterious world of security.
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Privacy, Governance & Risk Management
Mrs. Lore Mattelaer and Mr. Stefaan Wuytack
Mrs. Lore Mattelaer
Security Competence Manager and Mr. Stefaan Wuytack, Senior Product Manager Cybersecurity
Mrs. Lore Mattelaer: Lore has about 10 years of experience in cybersecurity business development at Telenet. This intense track consisted out of a deep dive into the fast evolving cybersecurity world, working with customers, product management and operations, ensuring growth together with the team of the Security Competence Center.
Mr. Stefaan Wuytack: Stefaan is a seasoned product manager with a track record in simplifying complex service offerings across different industries such as finance, entertainment & cybersecurity.
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