wo 20 maart | 10:15 - 10:45
Theater/Salle 06 Data Science & Management

AI/Machine learning in cloud management

The expediential growth and increased complexity of data - and data sources - introduces scalability challenges for traditional tools. Machine Learning can be leveraged to characterize vast amounts of data and perform useful tasks by "learning" from examples. As more data becomes available, more ambitious problems can be tackled in a cost-effective manner (vs. traditional programming).
Cloud Computing
Data Center & Infrastructure
Mr. Pieter Vivijs
Pieter Vivijs
Regional Cloud Management Business Manager, VMware
Close to 20 years experience in the IT industry with a background in system engineering and data center architectures. Started 8 years ago with helping VMware customers with their transformation, the last year as a business manager in the Cloud Management Business Unit, driving a broad portfolio of cloud management solutions.
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