do 21 maart | 11:00 - 11:30
Theater/Salle 06 Data Science & Management

Risk Models: how to build a strong foundation to face new threats

During this presentation we will focus on risk models: we will discuss the most seen attack types in 2018. As adversaries have different motives, we need to adapt our risk models, and build ourselves a strong foundation to be ready for new threats.
Cloud Computing
Data Science & Management
Privacy, Governance & Risk Management
Mr. Eward Driehuis
Eward Driehuis
Eward is a security veteran of over 22 years with a background in design. Heading a crack research team, he has a passion for security, innovation, and asking the "why" question. He's an established speaker at international events such as RSA and FS-ISAC, with years of experience of fighting cybercrime with banks, law enforcement & corporates globally. His CV includes roles as CTO and Business Director in Software and IT. Before joining SecureLink he spent 9 years in Fox-IT heading their threat intelligence and advanced analytics products.
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