20 maart | 11:00 - 11:45
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Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Artificial intelligence will have a profound impact on everyone's professional and personal life. The emerging partnership between man and machine promises to augment our human capabilities and bring about new opportunities for exploration and advancement. In parallel we need to make progress on the transparency and accountability of these AI systems. Global Technical Advisor and member of IBM's Academy of Technology Wouter Denayer will share his perspectives and thought-provoking ideas which will highlight how humans and machines can work together to put smart to work.
Digital Transformation
Data Science & Management
Wouter Denayer
Wouter Denayer is currently CTO of IBM Belux. In this role he leads the technical team and focusses on bringing business value to clients through innovation. As IT architect he has gained extensive experience in services, in software and, since 2012, in managing the technical relationship with IBM's key enterprise clients.
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