wo 9 september | 11:00 - 11:45
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What untackled problems can AI solve

AI is a resolutely new way of solving problems we have in society or in our business. Definitely not a new algorithm working on the same dataset as we've done before. It is therefore interesting to abstract the discussion and identify the new classes of problems that this new approach can now solve. The presentation will explain how to classify problems and identify those worth an AI approach. It will also clarify the 2 questions to address to avoid data bias and ethical issues in new projects; Finally, the presentation will showcase business model changes induced by this new technology.
Mr. Bruno Schröder
National Technology Office, Microsoft
Bruno Schroder is involved with the internet since 1985, having first posted a contribution in 1991, before the world wide web even existed. He is a keen follower of how technology impacts our daily life. As National Technology Officer, he represents Microsoft Belgium and Luxembourg in technology policy discussions on security, privacy, cloud adoption, GDPR and now the use of artificial intelligence and compliant access to large data sets. Next to his work at Microsoft, he is also president of CETIC, an interuniversity research center, board member of WSL, the Walloon Engineering Science Incubator, founder and board member of Microsoft Innovation Centers in Brussels and Wallonia, member of the Digital Minds advisory group of Alexander Decroo, of the AI4BE federal advisory board and a Wallonia Digital Champions
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