do 21 maart | 11:00 - 11:45
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DingNet - een IoT proeftuin aan de KU Leuven

DingNet provides a free testing ground for KU Leuven students and researchers that allows them to experiment with IoT applications and sensors. Antennas and gateways located over Leuven, Heverlee and surroundings provide a citywide IoT network to facilitate research of IoT solutions that will be relevant to society. DingNet coverage can also be easily extended to other campuses and locations.
Digital Transformation
Dirk Janssens
Dirk Janssens (met Herman Moons)
Senior Network Architect, KU Leuven
Dirk Janssens received an MSc in electrical engineering at KU Leuven in 2000 but was already passionately working with IT networks and electronics long before. During the years, he gained experience in a broad range of technologies ranging from low level hardware/firmware design, communication networks and software development up to high level infrastructure management.
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