21 maart | 15:00 - 15:45
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Data processor in the GDPR era - A question of trust

When you use a subcontractor, e.g. for commercial or administrative mailings, for marketing or for archiving your personal data, as a data controller you are accountable for his work. But the subcontractor is also accountable as a data processor. He has his own responsibilities (keeping records, securing data, reacting promptly in case of a data breach). Data processing agreements reveal conflicts of interest between both: cost of compliancy, audit rights, liability limitations, handling subprocessors...In the end mutual trust is the basis for a good collaboration.
Privacy, Governance & Risk Management
Viktor D'Huys
Viktor D'Huys started working in the IT sector over 30 years ago. He became ICT Manager of Group Joos in 2003, and today he is helping to facilitate the digital transformation of the group, which has evolved from a printer into a hybrid communication specialist offering many digital services. Viktor is responsible for the information security management system that enabled Group Joos to obtain ISO 27001 certification in 2013. He coordinated the GDPR project. Viktor is a Certified Information Security Officer and Certified Information Privacy Professional. He is author of 'The practical GDPR guide' (free download from
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