18 maart | 12:00 - 12:45
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SecDevOps Research participation; we need you!

Antwerp Management School conducts research in SecDevOps and wants to use the collective brainpower of the group to gain insights into SecDevOps measures, techniques and tools.

As a participant you are requested to engage in an interactive session moderated by AMS professor Bobbert and facilitated via Group Support System software. The objective is to establish a core list of effective SecDevOps measures for the research of Dennis Verslegers.
Cyber Security
Digital Transformation & Control
Cloud Computing
Privacy, Governance & Risk Management
Mr. Yuri Bobbert
Mr. Dennis Verslegers & Mr. Yuri Bobbert
Dennis Verslegers is an independent security consultant with expertise in SecDevOps. He is researcher at the Antwerp management School in Information Security in DevOps.

Prof. Dr. Yuri Bobbert, professor at Antwerp Management Schools' Information Security Masters program and CISO of ON2IT, a Global Cybersecurity company. He is author of several books and publications in Business Information Security, Governance and management. Including the new book "Cyberstuff others don't talk about"
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