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A Technical Deep Dive into (anti-)DDOS

A Technical Deep Dive into (anti-)DDOS
"In 2015, the press reported on several big DDOS attacks against organisations worldwide. And, sadly enough, this continues this year. Telenet Business has been involved in the mitigation of DDOS attacks targeted against customers. This provided insight on how attackers prepared their attacks and we have observed how security equipment coped with these attacks. This year’s presentation goes more in depth on actual DDOS attack situations, showing that, if well prepared, you do not automatically have a major crisis if your infrastructure is the target of such an attack. The consultants of Telenet Business can also advice customers not connected to the Telenet backbone on this matter. The Telenet backbone has also made progress by permanently activating some measures of defense against DDOS for all customers. This presentation gives a brief update on the present situation and nearby future."
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Door: Nextel
Publicatie datum: 16-06-2016
Bestandstype: pdf
Document: Presentatie
Taal: EN
Gepubliceerd door: Marc Lampo is a Principal Security Consultant at Telenet Business. He advices customers on designs, installations and configures

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