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SD-WAN has evolved beyond Routing++ into WAN Edge service

SD-WAN has evolved beyond Routing++ into WAN Edge service
Purpose of this session is to inform how Software Defined WAN has evolved beyond routing and is consolidating remote branch services. Citrix Netscaler SD-WAN combines aggregated link capacity with very fast congestion detection capabilities alongside with application classification & QOS, firewalling, cloud connectivity and much more. A brief positioning and overview of each core functionality will be provided during the session. As a result you'll have a better understanding what SD-WAN, WAN Edge, NFV, VNF and all new WAN technologies are and what they are not and how you can apply SD-WAN in your environment.
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Publicatie datum: 16-03-2018
Bestandstype: pdf
Document: Presentatie
Taal: EN
Gepubliceerd door: Citrix Systems

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