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Harden your attack surface

Harden your attack surface

The best threat response is to predict and map your cyber security threats. No other technology does that better than vulnerability management.

An organization’s attack surface crosses all network infrastructures, software, and web applications internally and in the global Internet. It includes an understanding of all points of interaction. Information security managers need to be able to approach vulnerability assessment from several perspectives in order to get an accurate assessment of risks, minimize security threats, and maintain compliance. Unlike any other vulnerability solution on the market, F-Secure Radar features web crawling technology, called Internet Asset Discovery, that also covers the deep web. Radar allows you to easily browse through all targets to quickly identify risks and potentially vulnerable connections, and to expand the possible attack surface beyond your own network.

Successful intellectual property and brands often make companies the target for fraudulent or malicious activities. Radar can generate a threat assessment report of activities including brand violation or phishing sites intended to scam or infect visitors. F-Secure Radar identifies your organization’s assets where they are vulnerable. You can minimize your attack surface while reducing risk.

With F-Secure Radar, your IT security team maps your organisation’s attack surface in the aggregate of:
• all known, unknown, and potential vulnerabilities critical to business
• controls across all software, hardware, firmware, and networks
• shadow IT, external misconfigured systems, malware websites, website-linked hosts
• partner and contractor security entropy
• brand infringements and phishing

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Publicatie datum: 21-01-2019
Bestandstype: pdf
Document: Productbrochure
Taal: EN
Gepubliceerd door: F-Secure B.V

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