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Has Encryption Made Your Current Firewall Irrelevant?

Has Encryption Made Your Current Firewall Irrelevant?
The rapid increase in encrypted network traffic, coupled with the inability of most next-gen firewalls to inspect this traffic, has created a perfect security storm – one with dire consequences. Over 80% of traffic on most networks is encrypted and it passes through the average firewall completely unfiltered. This is not due to alack of desire to inspect it. Rather, it’s because most firewalls simply aren't up to the task. And even if the firewall can inspect encrypted traffic, all too often their TLS inspection solution is poorly implemented, breaking many websites and delivering poor user experience. Unsurprisingly, hackers are catching on to this enormous blind spot in organizational security. They are starting to take advantage of this weakness to get threats onto networks and keep them there. Read this paper to learn about how encryption has made most nextgen firewalls irrelevant, the challenges with TSL inspection, and the five SSL inspection capabilities you need to close this security gap.
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Publicatie datum: 17-02-2020
Bestandstype: pdf
Document: Whitepaper
Taal: EN
Gepubliceerd door: Kappa Data

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