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The Achilles Heel of Next-Gen Firewalls

The Achilles Heel of Next-Gen Firewalls
Network security is the bedrock of every organization’s cyberdefenses, the foundation on which other protection services such as endpoint, server, mobile and encryption are layered. It’s the trusty workhorse that plays a pivotal role in keeping organizations moving.

To better understand the realities of network security today, Sophoscommissioned leading research specialist Vanson Bourne to conduct an independent survey of 3,100 IT managers spanning12 countries and six continents.

The results reveal the day-to-day experiences of IT teams across the globe when it comes to network threats and next-gen firewalls. The survey sheds new light onto the practical reality of today network security and the challenges IT teams face. It also reveals the Achilles heel of next-gen firewalls: the struggle to balance performance, privacy, and protection.
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Publicatie datum: 17-02-2020
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Document: Whitepaper
Taal: EN
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