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GFI 7 reasons why you need a network assement EN

GFI 7 reasons why you need a network assement EN
Networks are critical IT resources in every organization. They are the key “connector” that brings together the devices, applications, data and people within the company. Accordingly, networks have become larger and more complex because of the ever-increasing number of devices and apps organizations use. Over 120 devices are added to the Internet each second; by 2020 there will be over 20 billion IoT devices alone.

Every organization will be touched by this phenomenon whether they actively or passively engage with IoT, AI or other new technology waves. The corollary to this growth is there are an increasing number of things that can go wrong in such a complex network. The repercussions of this fault or failure can be huge for your organization.

Network failures are often due to lack of oversight or monitoring capabilities. When network issues are detected early, it can take perhaps a few hours to fix them with little to no impact on the end-user. When issues are not identified early, they can balloon quickly—multiplied by the complexity and foundational importance of your network—into a catastrophe with major financial and operational loss potential for the organization.
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Publicatie datum: 04-03-2020
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Document: Whitepaper
Taal: EN
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